I believe we are all infinite and wise. This series shows this inner richness, which we all carry, but often cannot communicate with words. It shows our prismatic nature via color, symbolism, and layers of texture.

The pieces are approximately 18” x 24 “ with custom frames. They are layered with magnets, letting you easily swap out the wooden portraits and inside layers. For example, you can replace the top layer, which has a person on it, for someone else. Or you can replace (or add another) background layer based on the look you want to go for that day.

The LED lighting is done custom for your needs. It can be simple fades, interactive based on movement, or controllable via a smart app. Purchase info below. Enjoy some photos and videos on making them…

Behind the scenes video:



Each Original Piece: $400 (basic lighting)

Entire Series (5 Pieces): $1400

Custom Pieces with People/Backgrounds of your choice: $850+

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