Mapping Group Consciousness

In this experiment I made a web dashboard and connected it to a text-message based survey to measure the group consciousness of 8 locations in real time. It debuted at Convergence 2.

Festival attendees would sign up via an intro text, and then were sent a simple prompt over and over throughtout the weekend. It simply said… “on a scale of 1-9, how do you feel physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally…

and where are you?”

This last part was important because people respond with a location code, to let us map out where people were most thriving on those dimensions at any given time.

All in all, we had about 90 people participate over 3 days, getting texts roughly 1x per hour and no more than 16x day.

The survey is live currently at

The phone number to participate is visible only to visitors of Arcosanti. ūüôā

The graphs have been added recently… after the event. I’m thinking about expanding into something anyone can participate in if they are at Arcosanti.

Shout out to Connor Damaschi for literally “running the experiment!” for hours telling people how to make it happen. And thanks to he and Ashley Weisman from Greenlight Solutions for helping with funding!

Sharing Space Access Portal

I’m inspired by how quickly people can learn to meet their own needs. For a long time, via my team at AnyShare, I’ve been exploring how to make matching needs and resources as intuitive and efficient as possible. In this project, I explore how to do that in physical spaces.

I soldered some LED matrixes (2 different sizes to test ergonomics), 3d printed enclosures, connected them to a Raspberry pi, and programmed it as a controller for interacting with a flat screen TV showing data from a Sharing Network on AnyShare.

This bridges the gap between the physical and virtual network via a game-ish interface. The short-term vision is putting these in public spaces and private spaces to learn how certain color patterns and triggers can be learned intuitively by participants to control a vast set of needs/resources they are looking to match.

I’m guided by something I learned from genius inventor Buckminster Fuller. In his book “Critical Path,” he states highest goal in designing calibrated solutions is to introduce them to the environment invisibly and have them be immediately absorbed… no persuasive sales, no tutorials, and no delay.

This is an attempt to follow this high standard.


Here’s a quick video showing aspects of the interface being controlled via movement gestures.

Cooperative Economics Game

Let’s talk about cooperative economics. I don’t mean the financial side of coops (i.e not this), but rather people working together to better each others opportunities for economic prosperity. This idea is simple, yet our capitalistic paradigm makes is surprisingly hard to unlock.

Capitalism is a zero-sum game. The value of the buying/selling cancels out for participants (learn more). In contrast, I’ve seen many times that looking out for each other financially can create more value for all participants and liquidity in the market.

I designed this simple game to quantify this theory. I split 14 participants in teams of 2 and gave them ~20 fictitious needs and resources. Each need/resource had a point number ascribed to it that is awarded upon finding a match.

In Round 1, each team sent a delegate to the “marketplace” in the center of the room with a subset of their needs/resources. They took turns going around and matching their needs/resources. Their goal was to maximize their team’s points (i.e. money). A player could go to another teams corner and see their entries, but that was all they could do on their turn.

For Round 2, the goal was to maximize the points (money) unlocked in general. Players in the marketplace were able to look to find matches for other teams, and freely told them what they had back in their corner.

When done Round 2 (the cooperative round) every team had at least 2x the points of Round 1. Also, the overall points created was 4x that of the first round!  It did this in about 1/2 of the time!

I have an timelapse from overhead showing how the teams moved in the space differently, which was also very fascinating. In brief, working together to help each thrive economically helps ourselves (the individual), the other participants, and the system as a whole become far more efficient, fluid, and abundant!

Augmented Reality Quest

I love crafting immersive games for people to challenge the mind, body, and spirit. For this one, I started thinking how to make a game that is hidden all around us.

At FORM, a yearly festival at my home at Arcosanti, we have lots of tech-saavy, playful artists converge on site. I knew I could push the limit in terms of using tools to immerse. The main problem was how to do it at scale over 3 days.

I created an Augmented Reality scavenger hunt, which had people solve riddles that led them to augmented reality clues with pieces of a map and letters to unscramble. There were ~1500 people here, so I wanted to make it HARD to solve. I only had a few prizes, so spread the clues out far distances, and made it so certain steps were only solvable by retracing one’s footsteps at specific times of day based on the sun.

It was a great challenge to pull this off. My friend Sean Bollinger helped me link the clues to the AR trackers. Otherwise, I was on my own. I remember walking a very heavy generator far into the woods every evening to power a “living room” in nature while missing some amazing music, and climbing up the sides of cliffs to place clues. I remember thinking someone would have to be pretty crazy to solve all of these questions!

It worked! I had various people make it partially and a few most of the way into the game. People were teaming up with strangers and obsessing over the clues. I had people get angry at me b/c it was “so fun they couldn’t do anything else this weekend” !! What an honor.

When all was done, there was only one winner, Sam Weisman. He spent many hours each day solving the clues. He trekked far off course into the desert. He got so frustrated he left the festival in the middle of the night on his last day, drove 30 min away, said fuck it and drove back. He found a resident of Arcosanti just before sunrise who helped him solve the final clue he needed.

To deliver the final prize to Sam, I instructed him to stand in the middle of a crowd, and then used my drone to fly him a limited edition bronze medallion while everyone watched. It was similar to how tributes in The Hunger Games get prizes via air drop. Sam said it felt like the whole festival was built around him! We’ve become great friends and cofounded Phestiv together to bring interactive gamification to the masses in festivals. It’s magic how life works <3.


I have lots of video footage showing the journey that I’ll edit at some point.

A World Inside Sculpture Series

I believe we are all infinite and wise. This series shows this inner richness, which we all carry, but often cannot communicate with words. It shows our prismatic nature via color, symbolism, and layers of texture.

The pieces are approximately 18‚ÄĚ x 24 ‚Äú with custom frames. They are layered with magnets, letting you easily swap out the wooden portraits and inside layers. For example, you can replace the top layer, which has a person on it, for someone else. Or you can replace (or add another) background layer based on the look you want to go for that day.

The LED lighting is done custom for your needs. It can be simple fades, interactive based on movement, or controllable via a smart app. Purchase info below. Enjoy some photos and videos on making them…

Behind the scenes video:



Each Original Piece: $400 (basic lighting)

Entire Series (5 Pieces): $1400

Custom Pieces with People/Backgrounds of your choice: $850+

Interactive Light Garden

I’m enjoying the artform of enchantment. It feels like a great way to spread love and wonder. For this project, I made a first exploration into enchantment with interactive lighting.

The year before I learned how to blow glass, and the “garbage” pieces from this process often looked like little flowers. It made me wonder if I could turn this waste glass into art.

These are the “garbage” glass flowers that started the whole idea


I decided to make an interactive flower garden with individually controllable LED lights. I proposed the idea and was accepted to make it into an art installation at Gem and Jam 18′. I was traveling when approved, and so I had 2 weeks to design, make, test, build, and install the piece. That added some good pressure!

I invited my fav collaborator Jade Kindt to help wire and install the piece. We headed to Tucson to begin in the middle of a freezing night in January. We buried the cables, making the flowers seem like they are powered from the Earth itself. I then sent light chases through the wires to create a wonderful yet minimal light experience for those inside the “ring of light”. See the video below for the final result!


Zero Waste via Gamification

We all feel the pain of the environment getting destroyed. We have the power to solve it. The question is how long will it take?

Will it be fast enough to stop mass extinctions, displacement, and damage to our biosphere, lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere, and noosphere? Will we be fast enough?

In my experience, the fastest way to collective evolution is play. So I designed a way for people to make recycling into a game.

There are many frameworks in the sustainability movement… one of the most holistic is the Circular Economy. This says we should think in terms of closed loops for how we design our products, create, consume, and¬† repurpose them – “cradle to cradle.”

Despite lots of traction, the Circular Economy movement is yet to produce a single example of what happens as an urban environment reaches 100% adoption. Nearby, Phoenix has a goal of being 100% circular with its waste stream by 2050. The full impact of this new paradigm in resource and social evolution is currently unknown, and experimentation is key to help it happen successfully.

My collaborator Devron and I organized with a cohort of sustanability, supply chain, and art students from Arizona State University via Greenlight Solutions. We used Arcosanti as a container to explore how we can build the first 100% waste diversion test case at Arcosanti, the Urban Laboratory.

Arcosanti is focused on innovative design, community, and environmental accountability. I manage technology here, and so wanted to generate metrics that demonstrate  lean alternatives to urban sprawl based on compact city design, Arcology (architecture + ecology), and play.

The results speak for themselves! In this first test round, we proved we could drastically reduce our footprint at a small scale of 450 people for a weekend. Watch the video above to see more!

Convergence @ Arcosanti

I was one of 4 organizers of Convergence at Arcosanti. It was an amazing experience. Apart from planning the event, I organized 4 experiences, on Play, Responsibility, Collaboration, and Imagination.

Convergence brought together renowned speakers, artists, musicians, and activators to co-create an experience of vibrancy, action, and hope. With themes of Empowerment, Intersectionality, and Collaboration at the core of this experience, we convened to approach essential discussions of our era. We came to DO community and sustainability, not just talk about it. This means participants upheld a standard of integrity, honesty, and work ethic throughout our stay. Participants were able to guide themselves through a flow of Keynotes, Workshops, Panel Discussions, Art Installations, Performances, Film Screenings, Acoustic and Dance Music.

Lucid Dreaming Experiment

In November 2017 at Convergence, I organized a group sleepover in the Vaults with the intention of creating a shared dreaming experience among the participants. My team, especially Jade Kindt helped the vision happen, with sequences of sounds, smells, and other sensory elements to bring participants deep into their dream realm.

Dream interpreters were present to help participants make sense of the journey. A binaural sound journey was planned, but not implemented. Instead we focused on crystal bowl sounds, enchanting singing, gongs and more throughout the night. It was finished with a meditation, yoga and pancakes shortly after sunrise.

Immersive Archetype Quest

The Archetype Quest is a 4 dimensional music festival art installation that guides attendees through the mythic narrative at Convergence at Arcosanti in a quest for personal development of which making the world a little better is a beautiful byproduct.

Come Wizards, Come Warriors, Come Lovers and good Souls.
Embark upon your quest in a gamified version of your highest self, learning magic and music, strength and divinity, saving the Goddess of the Earth from the Shadow King, and earning your title as Here0.


Convergence Studio


We invite everyone (whether you are a musicians or not) to come together to co-create a musical composition that captures the energy of this moment in time.

Come to the Convergence Studio and help to create a mosaic of music samples that we will blend to make a composition. We invite you to bring any instrument from your home to Convergence and come play it. On Sunday, we will dance to the sounds we’ve created together mixed by a live DJ.

AnyShare Society Software

AnyShare Society is a technology cooperative I’m a co-founder and CEO at. We make sharing easier in groups. There is amazing potential when we all come together, and we want to unlock that for all.

My goal ultimately is to lessen suffering by creating a new fluidity in “access” to what you need. Some internet users can use it to access information, as if by magic. What if this was possible to do for meeting needs and thriving together? This is our hope ūüôā

AnyShare Society is the first Complete Cooperative in the United States. This means, we’re the first to include each and every stakeholder group we impact in our company. I’m very proud of this milestone as I believe it fixes the most basic issue with corporate corruption today – that not everyone has a voice!¬† Learn more at this link.

To try AnyShare: Click Me

I’m eager to get people trying the platform… Currently you do need to give your credit card upfront, despite it not being charged. If you’d like a coupon to extend your trial of the tools at AnyShare, just let me know ūüôā Website

I managed and did most of the development for the new Arcosanti website. This included everything from information architecture to design/UX, from the media creation to SEO, the shopping cart to analytics and security. I was empowered by the guidance of Tomiaki Tamura, and had help from Devron Lovick, Sean Paul VonAcken, and Shannon May Mackenzie.

Talk on Spiritual Machines

From the Ascend Summary of this episode:

Can A.I ever be conscious? can it ever have a deep emotional connection to life? what must mankind do to look after the human race? why do we place so much trust in machines but yet don’t put faith in humanity when in fact it is the humans who built the machines, I often wonder if the machines do take over, will the machines be curious on their life, their history, their origins, what must it take to really get this deeper level of understanding?

Even now, the modern generations top tech experts and scientists are publicly expressing their concerns over apocalyptic scenarios, and understandably so the concerns that have an A.I which have unlimited potential knowledge and a vast consciousness to go with it. they state that are complications that are likely to arise as a result of machines with motives. Among the fearful are intellectual heavyweights like Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, and Bill Gates, who all believe that advances in the field of machine learning will soon yield self-aware A.I.s that seek to destroy humanity.

So what future awaits mankind? who knows, but obviously humanity is really looking forward to answering these questions with two incredible guests,  former guest Rob Jameson and debutant Andrew Herman, who are more than capable of answering such powerful questions..  


  • Intelligence in Consciousness?
  • Science and the advancements
  • Difference between the mind and the machine
  • Vastness of the human experience is the program
  • Cosmic Consciousness potential
  • A.I accessing the consciousness
  • the human mind needed millions of years to develop, computers just a few decades
  • Machines eliminate all possible life?
  • There evolution
  • would machines emulate humans or distance themselves away from humans
  • the evolution of consciousness and the disconnect of emotion”

$20 Cloud Greenhouse

Here is a project to automate and remotely monitor/control the growing conditions in a greenhouse. It is¬†a great project if you’re just starting with¬†microcontrollers like the Raspberry Pi. These little computers are extremely powerful, including the Pi Zero W, which is just $10 and has everything you need to fully automate a system like this.

The setup was a raspberry pi zero w (which has built in wifi), a $5 sinodial valve, and some electrical wire.

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The Complete Cooperative

My team at AnyShare, thanks to FairShares model, introduced a new cooperative type to the United States of America in early 2016. We are the first completely cooperative business in US history! (ref 1) Now, every type of stakeholder is included in sharing voting and profits. A huge thank you is due to Rory Ridley Duff, who advised us for over a year in this transition.

From the AnyShare Website, this sums it up:

For over a decade, we’ve asked ourselves how our business can enhance everyone‚Äôs life‚Ķ from Day 1. Today, it‚Äôs common for multi-national corporations to extract value from local communities. This does not have to be the case.

Our path is revolutionary.

AnyShare Society is the first ‚ÄúComplete Cooperative‚ÄĚ in the United States. We are the first to structure ourselves so every group we impact can co-own, vote, and receive profits from our success. It is not business as usual, which aims to widen the gap between the rich and poor.

We invite you to join us and co-create a business which will be a model in itself for businesses of the future. By doing this, you’re doing more than just supporting AnyShare Society… you’re creating an abundant future for us all!

The Complete Cooperative Bylaws are licensed under Creative Commons NC-SA so you are able to freely use, evolve and share them as needed. Message me for a copy.


We’re All Superheros

This¬†was a self-exploration on our¬†relationship to self identifying as “super heroes” and how we externalize our¬†desire for feeling¬†powerful. I visualized¬†myself as¬†a fictional character named Complete 77 times to refine the archetype and environment that a¬†trans-personal dream identity has¬†been inspired from. Below are some of the iterations….

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Sky Palace Sculpture

I did the luminance design and video mapping on Sky Palace, which is a 75-foot light portal sculpture of twisted metal and fabric. It was created by Owen William Fritts with a super fun team.

It was a challenging installation because the top lights were not reachable once the sculpture was erected. Also, we needed to bounce the video off domed mirrors onto irregular shapes. I collaborated with Elana Sequoia on light/video. Click through the images or view a short video of the sculpture here.



Consciousness in Cities

I recently had an in-depth chat with Dan Harrison and Chris Hopper from Ascend. We dug deep into the nature of our present and future cities and how they can be used as nodes in one global collective network.  We covered an assortment of topics, including:

  • Cities Of The Future
  • Consciousness in The City
  • The Minds Connection With The City
  • Self Sustaining Cities
  • How Will People Act In These Cities? What Is The Purpose of Life Future Cities
  • Consciousness built within the Cities architecture
  • Leadership of the Future


Check out this great trailer:


Listen to the podcast below, or go here to the Ascend website!

Augmenting @ Arcosanti

How can ¬†augmented reality be used for multi-layered storytelling in a city? This exploration started with a talented young architect named Sean Bollinger proposing an experiment for the Hololens at Arcosanti. ¬†We ended up executing a scaled back version of an original proposal which involved setting up semi-secretive “trackers” that could be scanned to reveal information in the environment.

Basically, the person could walk up to a tracker, scan it and see either a hidden image or architectural blueprint itself of a future building in that area. We reveled in the power to have the “if the walls could speak” concept become real. What if we could embed stories of a landscape hidden in the architecture itself? We found that it is possible to use interesting architectural details, like a uniquely shaped window for instance, as a scanning tracker that would reveal this hidden information. The potential here is outstanding, though admittedly it is often hard to make it work consistently.

This project took a turn for the better (in my opinion) when Sean changed the AR platform we’d use to the free app Augment which only requires a smartphone as the engine of the Augmented Reality experience. This eliminated the need for a Hololens, which made it much cheaper and accessible to the masses.

Since the initial installation at FORM 2015, I’ve been explored AR in visualization, discussion, and theoretical¬†contexts. I’ve done small studies on¬†the Arcosanti “critical mass” stage of development (see here), to facilitate critique on¬†socio-cultural and eco-utility projecting. All in all, this field feels incredibly promising, especially since Arcosanti has such a rich history in it’s architecture and augmented reality capabilities are now standard on iPhones.


“City of the Future” Film

This was inspiring project to be a part of. From the Atlantic’s overview:

In central Arizona there exists an experimental town called Arcosanti. It’s built on the principles of arcology, which combines architecture and ecology to envision a city that works in tandem with the Earth’s resources. In this short documentary, The Atlantic goes inside this distinctive urban space to understand how Arcosanti plans to reconstruct how humans envision cities.

My 2nd point was a little edited.. I meant we need to seek out opportunities to help those around us, rather than getting comfortable if life gets easy.

(Watch on The Atlantic’s website)

Podcast on Group Transcendence

I did a podcast with extreme-sport¬†mental training coach and self-development mastermind¬†Matt Belair. Matt’s podcasts have been known for extracting the wisdom of some of todays top mental, spiritual, and business innovators.¬†I recommend you check out his work at

You can watch the interview on Youtube here.

You can find it on itunes here (see episode #16: Cities of the Future)

Things we cover are below…

  • Collective awakenings
  • Tipping points in the group field
  • Relationship of data to group consciousness
  • Transcending “other” via environment, authenticity, and imagination
  • Using dreams to inspire action
  • Unlocking the power of a focused community
  • How the cities of 2020’s will operate
  • Telepathy on the internet
  • Archetypes in social dynamics
  • Achieving “Flow” for a long durations

“City as a Living Organism” Talk

I did a keynote on the “City as a Living Organism”¬†as OuiShare Fest 2016 in Paris. I talk about what happens when a population¬†gets 80%+ adoption of the social ideas in the sharing economy. My hope is to inform advocates who are are trying to introduce these concepts in larger cities.

I’m the technology manager of an experimental desert micro-city called Arcosanti. It’s an “urban laboratory” that has been built by hands by 7,000 unskilled community members. I’ve introduced various sharing economy technologies here to change the path of growth… moving the city from top-down only growth plans, to p2p exchange, crowdsourcing, and similar distributed aggregation approaches. The impact opens up new doors for how cities themselves can built both physically and socially.

Note: The wrong slide deck was used when this was edited. Hopefully the audio is useful.


Pyschosocial Flashmob

I am fascinated by the ways games can be used to help players process¬†subconscious desires and anxieties. I designed a game to help the specific players come to terms with a polarized community who is struggling with moving beyond a stagnant legacy. I setup the context for the game design as a surprise role-playing experience for my friend’s birthday.

In the game, participants chose being on the good/evil side, and produced a unknowing savior from them to lead them into battle. It’s archetypal nature unlocked collective healing, which you can see at the end. You can watch a behind the scenes video¬†here.

The experience:
1. Lorenzo (unknowing birthday friend) is led into a field at dusk.
2. He is given a story of a battle to defend what we believe in.
3. His friends appear from the bushes and pledge their allegiance to him.
4. Then Lorenzo is asked if he would lead them into battle.
5. Lorenzo, not sure what was happening, is coerced to say he’d¬†lead his army friends.
6. All of the sudden the “Dark Lord” appears and challenges him in a fight to the death.
7. Actors all appear and reveal foam weapons.
8. Lorenzo, still not knowing what was happening, is pushed to lead a charge into a growing fire ring.
9. His army defeats the Dark army, with the finale being his one-on-one faceoff against the Dark Lord.
10. Afterwards, we light of fireworks and drink mead.

Solar Punk Fashion – pt 1

I moved to Arcosanti in early 2015 and immediately wanted¬†to study drawings by the founder.¬†¬†Paolo’s¬†scrolls¬†of the city-as-organism would eventually unlock great insight in my consciousness.

I focused on the Arcologies in the book City in the Image of Man. Simultaneously, I was reviving the screen printing studio at Arcosanti, so I decided to combine the two activities and make limited edition Arcology t shirts.

At Arcosanti we have a space with hundreds of free clothing items. I wanted my screen printing to enable upcycling of clothing myself and the community. Within a few months, a resident screen printed a run of shirts using the screen I had made. Then, my friends friend (so now two degrees removed) found the screens and made a spontaneous gifts for everyone in the community !

This experiment prompted upcycling of clothing, creating art, and giving gifts to everyone in the neighborhood.  This was all done through self organization and allowed people to contribute positively through fashion and art.

Here’s some of the shirt mockups…




Worlds Largest Fingerpainting

In 2008 my colleague Jeremy Homes led a project for making the “World’s Largest Fingerpainting.”¬†I designed and co-created the implementation of the vision. I themed the painting as a massive mosaic, and mapped the ways colors would work to allow creative expression while still having a larger cohesive picture.I also filmed lots of documentary footage on the event.

The theme chosen was global warming, and image was a multi-color tree. A student-led team did everything from riveting the canvas, to marketing, to managing the crowds, to sourcing ways for most of the materials (paint, canvas, etc) to be donated.

The big day had thosands of people show up to give their love and labor to fingerpainting their square. It was beautiful! The final painting was 20,000 sq feet. While we did break the world record, by the time Guinness approved it, another group in Australia narrowly beat us! So it never was officially announced.