In this experiment I made a web dashboard and connected it to a text-message based survey to measure the group consciousness of 8 locations in real time. It debuted at Convergence 2.

Festival attendees would sign up via an intro text, and then were sent a simple prompt over and over throughtout the weekend. It simply said… “on a scale of 1-9, how do you feel physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally…

and where are you?”

This last part was important because people respond with a location code, to let us map out where people were most thriving on those dimensions at any given time.

All in all, we had about 90 people participate over 3 days, getting texts roughly 1x per hour and no more than 16x day.

The survey is live currently at

The phone number to participate is visible only to visitors of Arcosanti. 🙂

The graphs have been added recently… after the event. I’m thinking about expanding into something anyone can participate in if they are at Arcosanti.

Shout out to Connor Damaschi for literally “running the experiment!” for hours telling people how to make it happen. And thanks to he and Ashley Weisman from Greenlight Solutions for helping with funding!

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