I’m enjoying the artform of enchantment. It feels like a great way to spread love and wonder. For this project, I made a first exploration into enchantment with interactive lighting.

The year before I learned how to blow glass, and the “garbage” pieces from this process often looked like little flowers. It made me wonder if I could turn this waste glass into art.

These are the “garbage” glass flowers that started the whole idea


I decided to make an interactive flower garden with individually controllable LED lights. I proposed the idea and was accepted to make it into an art installation at Gem and Jam 18′. I was traveling when approved, and so I had 2 weeks to design, make, test, build, and install the piece. That added some good pressure!

I invited my fav collaborator Jade Kindt to help wire and install the piece. We headed to Tucson to begin in the middle of a freezing night in January. We buried the cables, making the flowers seem like they are powered from the Earth itself. I then sent light chases through the wires to create a wonderful yet minimal light experience for those inside the “ring of light”. See the video below for the final result!


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